Don’t Let Staffing
Hold Your Restaurant Back

Bite Ninja provides remote order-taking services to solve some of the most common and costly staffing problems faced by restaurants today.

Here's How it Works
After signing up with Bite Ninja, we will integrate our remote-capable software into your existing menu board and ordering system.

If your ordering system isn’t compatible with our software, we’ll provide you with one that is – free of charge.
Whenever you need the help of one of our Ninjas, simply post the shift(s) you need in our app and choose from any one of our eager and professional order takers.
When a customer pulls into the drive-through or walks up to the counter, they will be immediately greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable worker. All Ninjas are equipped with cameras so their face appears directly on the digital menu board.

If you just need help with over-the-phone orders, our Ninjas can do that too!
After the customer completes their order, our Ninja will send it directly to the kitchen.

Drive-through customers pay at the window and in-store customers can pay at the counter or ordering kiosk.
The customer quickly receives their food and leaves your restaurant with the best experience – every time.
Say Goodbye to
Empty Shifts
With Bite Ninja, you no longer have to worry about finding employees to fill shifts.

Supplement our Ninjas into your existing shift rotation for help during peak ordering hours or hire them around-the-clock so your restaurant can stay open longer.
High Turnover
Employee turnover is at an all-time high in restaurants, especially for one of the most important customer-facing positions in the industry: the order taker.

With Bite Ninja, you no longer have to worry about retaining and retraining order takers. We have a large pool of professionally trained order takers ready to consistently and reliably fill the shifts you need, when you need them.
Poor Service
All Ninjas are vetted customer service experts trained to take orders for your restaurant. You can always count on them for friendly, fast, and helpful service.

By bringing a Ninja onto your team, you no longer have to overload on-site order takers with responsibilities. They only have one job – take orders and provide customers with the best possible experience – allowing the rest of your team to focus on their tasks.
Lower Costs
You can hire a Ninja for as little as $15 an hour (without the additional costs that come with full-time employment).

Ninjas aren’t just affordable, either. Their dependably great customer service eliminates the cost of dissatisfied customers.
Higher Revenue
Bite Ninja provides restaurants with many benefits. But when combined together, they all boil down to one thing: more sales.

With a Ninja on your team, you can stay open longer, capitalize on peak ordering times, and consistently deliver great customer service that keeps customers coming back again and again.

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